You are welcome to visit my simple, unofficial forum for discussing Telerik Academy matters.

The official forum is a great source for spreading knowledge and ideas. You can find it at  However since participation there is rewarded as part of the “Teamwork” program there are more strict rules about posting. The rules are a necessity but they feel limiting to some people and make the community too “tense” for not breaking rules before posting. On the other hand the posts are already too many to follow which may be confusing and counter productive.

The unofficial forum is a tool for a small group of academy participants to exchange ideas and opinions without the limitations of the rules of the official forum. It will copy a great deal of content from the official one (with links to the original topic) and will give the opportunity of users to express their opinions more freely and in informal style. Since the target group is specific and the content is mostly copied from another source there is no need to advertise or promote this forum or even index it in the search engines.

Keep in mind that the both forums are in Bulgarian and are targeted to Telerik Academy participants only.  If you believe the content is may be useful to you feel free to join at