Dec 222012

Please sign this appeal.

Mihail died because his killers thought he was gay

Mihail (or Misho as we knew him) was a childhood friend of mine. He was brutally beaten to death on 30 September 2008 while walking down in the park Borisova Gradina in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He was a bright medical student and was just weeks ago from graduating. It was his childhood dream …
We were all concerned when he disappeared and we were shocked when the police old us he was found dead. I still remember the heart-breaking cry his mother let from the next room in the police station.
It was horrible. But unfortunately it is still horrible. After some time the killers were caught through his mobile phone. The were interrogated and some of them admitted guilt. The case is solved and everyone knows who they are. But because of the extremely slow judicial system THEY ARE STILL not brought to justice!



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